5d Product development & promotion guide

product development and promo guide
product development and promo guide

A Product development and Promotion guide for Targeted at engaging a meaningful conversation with the customer of the future. Includes the importance of UX , Customer Experience management and is the compliment to the Product Development program designed for Earth Human 2.00



A great product needs some form of advertising to create awareness that it exists within the market, with so much to take into consideration…budget, ethics, principles, audience and the list goes on what makes GOODVERTISING both brilliant and unique is the approach. Its clever, while being ethical, smart while savvy and it takes into consideration all the metrics for measurement that qualify, both great products and sound delivery.



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Goodvertising is a really well presented book, but equally a tool that inspires us all ( to be accountable in positive way as to how we can make a difference ) – advertisers, marketers, NGO’s and brands alike – the unique purpose here is to spark new and better solutions by sharing work for good. In these cases everybody wins
Essentially, Goodvertising shares and honours big ideas with a big heart.
The end goal is to raise the level of creativity for good, leading to the entire creative industry working towards doing the greater good.

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 Do we really need sustainable brands ?

Hmmm, greener sales, customers who pay on time, business partners that reciprocate and co-create. These arent just buzzwords of a “cool collective” it is the new sophisticated world of “worlds within worlds” where brands align with each other, encourage each other and experience enormous success because of their “culture”, “heart-set”, “level of conscious” employees. Welcome to a world where people  care about each other and are willing to pay. Its not just about being 100% NATURAL, this is about how things work, in the special ECO -SYSTEM of responsible buying. This is an end to end relationship audit. Where does my product begin ? and where does it end ?Most customers do make purchase decisions based on the benefits and value that the product can offer them. Sustainability has also become high on the list of what people want, and through Research and Global Development, people in 3rd world countries have access to affordable sustainable products

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