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  • This makes CHANGE – especially managing change, as simple as placing one foot in front of the other
  • Strategies, Insights and Direction – WHERE OLD SCHOOL MEETS NEW SCHOOL
  • Consistency and Retaining great staff – the new normal
  • How to Design a High Performing Workplace


Soon enough, we will “experience” combination of a GENERATION of MILLENNIALS as the dominating and supportive workforce, their peers and a mixture of people transitioning out and back into work as a culture. This means several things – fresh ideas, challenges, new approaches and a change of culture within and without. A fresh approach is essential, along with the fusion of new ideas and technologies. Innovation and Product Development will place the goods on the shelves. How do we harness the power that is a mix of several generations merging into one, as a separate and unified force all at the same time ?



“A business’s greatest asset is the collective experience of its employees. According to estimates by the US Department of Labor, Millennials will represent roughly almost 50% of the workforce in less than 10 years. A flood of blogs, articles, and books are already trying to help professionals and executives understand how the clash of Millennial, Generation X, and Boomer preferences will impact their business and personal careers.

The Multigenerational Sales Team focuses on the increasing need for sales organizations to more effectively leverage talent from generational groups who think, sell, and buy in vastly different ways. It addresses the challenges that many organizations are facing right now:
How can generations with different perspectives find ways to successfully work together?
How should you recruit, train, and deploy different generations of salespeople to build an effective sales team?
How can sellers identify and address the generational “silent killers” within the sales process?

You will learn how to overcome these obstacles by adjusting internal practices including recruitment, development, and management of salespeople. You will also learn how to improve client-facing activities for better diagnosis and accommodation of buyers’ preferences. With The Multigenerational Sales Team as a guide, sales professionals and teams who begin this transformation will learn to leverage each generation’s unique strengths to drive improvements in both individual and organizational performance.”